Justice of the Peace

Kim Collins is a licensed Justice Of The Peace. Still looking for the right person to officiate your Boston wedding? Pick up the phone and give Kim a call.

Justice of the Peace

When you need a Justice Of The Peace to perform your wedding services, we are here for you.

We can provide both evening entertainment with our legendary DJ services along with guiding the lucky couple through the vows as Kim is a licensed Justice Of The Peace in Massachusetts.

You will find that our personal touch is second to none and that Kim cares greatly about this very special part of the wedding. Her kind and loving nature will leave a lasting impression on everyone involved. We know you will enjoy a lovely service performed by a professional licensed Justice of the Peace.

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Radio On-Air

My first love and passion… being on the air! With 25 years of on-air experience… it’s certainly what I know best. Unfortunately, live, local radio is becoming a thing of the past. Many radio stations have chosen to voicetrack and my voicetracking experience includes a station right here in Boston. I’m prompt, dependable and a great choice for your next voicetracking gig.


Narration projects are a large part of what I do. I welcome multi-page scripts and my desire for perfection means that I’m open to revisions if need be. Narration projects include, but are not limited to, multi-media presentations, documentaries, corporate videos, on-line tutorials, industrials, audio books, cd-roms, training videos and flash presentations. Lengthy narration projects can take time… but I try to accommodate my clients with quick turn around and complete follow through until the project is right.


After many years of doing radio commercials, which go hand in hand with being on the air, I decided to branch out into voiceovers 10 years ago. Radio and tv ads, web audio, character voices, etc. all fall into this category and my prompt turnaround makes me a perfect choice for your next voiceover project.

Phone Messaging

The first thing you want your clients to hear when they call your company is a pleasant and friendly voice! I’ve recorded phone systems for companies around the world and my welcoming voice and the desire for continuity means that I’m around for the long haul…and I’m always available for additions to your system.

Radio Imaging

There aren’t many female voice talents who do radio imaging…the recording of call letters and positioning statements for radio stations. Essentially you are the station “voice”. It’s really a passion of mine and I certainly think that classic rock and top 40 are my forte…but listen for yourself. I make my schedule as flexible as possible and try to cater to the stations that I record for. I recognize that it’s imperative to have a talent on call for last minute scripts and such.

Ski Reporting

The wild and wacky world of ski reporting! Not that crazy actually…but definitely early morning and fast paced. I reported daily during ski season for a dozen radio stations on the West Coast including San Francisco and Las Vegas. So, with a three hour time difference you can see just how early it really was!

On-Air with Steven Tyler

OMG…one of the highlights of my 25 year career! He actually called me on the studio line, while I was on the air, to say that he liked my style! We talked about the Aerosmith tune…”Walkin’ the Dog”…and I was completely blown away that he still appreciated live, local radio!

Justice of the Peace FAQ

Why I became a Justice of the Peace

A few years ago I did a wedding in ri and the justice of the peace didn’t show! The maid of honor happened to be a licensed minister and was able to step in and save the day. Of course, that triggered me to think…”hey, I wanna save the day!” so, that’s how it started. My jp license was just a little feather in my cap that I could use if ever needed. Then covid happened and everyone was downsizing...Mini-monies & micro weddings were all the rage.

What to expect with Kim Collins JP service

My JP services include meeting with the engaged couple once beforehand. During our meeting we discuss vows, readings, the ring exchange and all other elements of your ceremony. Remember, there is no right or wrong! It’s your day...It’s your ceremony and I’m happy to help make it happen. I also prepare all paperwork for the day including your vows as well as anyone who’s doing a reading or a prayer. Less stress for you and your family or friends who are involved in the ceremony. I bring cue cards for the ceremony on the day of...So, the only thing you need to bring is your marriage license. On the day of your ceremony I will take it, sign it and return it to the city hall where it was issued. My rate of $495 includes all travel within a 100 mile radius of peabody, ma. I charge a flat rate that includes our meeting, paper preparation and services on the day of your ceremony.

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